Payment - Credit card print

Credit card:
If you choose this method of payment:

  • Payment of registration fee – is available in your private cabinet
  • Payment of other services: accommodation, transfer ans etc. – our travel partner STRADO LLC will send you link for online payment by credit card.

Using the link, you will be forwarded to the specialized site of the payment system. On this site you must type in bank card number, CVC2 or CVV2, name and surname of a cardholder, date of expiry.

Data entered by you (information about the number, expiry date and other information) is not passed on or collected by STRADO LLC. The process of authorization and money transfer from yours bank card is processed in data-protected mode on the Bank server licensed by the International Payment Systems Visa International and Master Card.

In order to prevent fraud occasions with bank cards STRADO LLC reserves the right to demand a copy of a bank card (only sent by e-mail) with a cardholder's signature. It can be demanded in cases of non-coincidence of a cardholder and the final buyer of services, or non-coincidence of IP-number of a computer from which the order was made and the country of the bank-emitter and in other cases. If you don't present a copy of a bank card and in other cases STRADO LLC reserves the right to refuse the payment to be made by Internet-acquiring.

Payments data protection is provided by the Bank's APK and the Provider's APK. APK is functioning on the basis of modern data protection protocols and technologies worked out by the International Payment Systems: VISA International and MasterCard International (3D-Secure, UCAF/SecureCode).

In the provider's system data protection is guaranteed by SSL protocol. Data is passed on by the closed data network certified by the International Payment Systems for confident finance data. Confident data processing is made in the Bank processing center. Thus, STRADO LLC does not have access to any your data. You are passing on bank card number, CVC2 or CVV2, name and surname of a cardholder, expiry date and it is regarded as your confirmation of payment.

At refusal of money transaction authorization, the Bank sends information about such a refusal to Provider's APK and then to STRADO LLC and to you specifying the reasons. Confident data of the yours bank card is passed on in coded mode. PIN-code is not to be typed in!